How to Watch Oxygen TV Shows Outside the US

Being in the US comes with its perks, you can access the major streaming channels as they broadcast from within the nation giving you complete authority over what to watch, where to watch and how to watch according to your needs. Among them is a streamer which is gaining fame among the streaming users who enjoy suspense; Oxygen TV! This is an American cable channel with a streamlined focus on Women.

So What is Oxygen TV?

If you are a fan of crime shows, then Oxygen has it all. It’s on every live TV streaming service Owned by NBC Universal and known as a True Crime digital cable channel debuting all the females in crime shows. Its famous shows include; The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, The Bad Girls Club, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, Campus Ladies, Oprah After the Show and Girls Behaving Badly.

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Sounds cool, right? But there is one issue if you want to stream Oxygen TV shows online. What’s that?

Well, the problem arises where people living abroad want to access the fast streaming channel Oxygen TV, and they receive a blank white screen stating a 404 error. This is really annoying for anyone interested in watching TV shows on the Oxygen network. To counter that, let’s discuss further and find ways to stream Oxygen Network irrespective of your location.

What can you watch on Oxygen TV Live?

Oxygen TV network has plethora of TV shows that you can watch. The streaming network hosts great TV shows like Chicago PD, Buried in the Backyard, Cold Justice, napped, or Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, and many more. Content library available on Oxygen TV is enough to fill your mood with all crime stories.

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Where To Watch Oxygen TV Outside The US?

If you are broke, then you should check out Sling TV as it offers an Orange Plan and Lifestyle Extra plan which will cost you no other then $25 per month with a bonus of 40 plus channels including Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, WE TV and Oxygen TV. Also, a 7-day free trial is given for users to confirm its eligibility. Moreover, if that’s not enough, Hulu is in demand offering $32 per month.

If these two don’t work, there is always a third way out! DIRECTTV Now is offering a package of $25 which will give you 100+ channels including the most-wanted Oxygen TV. Saying no to cables and cords.

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What devices you can use to stream Oxygen TV?

This is an important question if you travel a lot or have multiple devices at home. Oxygen TV is easily accessible via browsers; which means that you can use any person computer to stream Oxygen TV shows and other content. For those who don’t like to stream content on computer screens – good new is that you can still watch Oxygen content on your mobile devices. Oxygen TV has a dedicated app on Google Play store and Apple store; download and play unlimited hours of entertainment on your mobiles. You can also stream Oxygen TV shows on Apple TV, and can connect to all available Smart TVs as well.

How To watch Oxygen TV Outside The US?

Sounds easy right? Just access all the streaming channels mentioned above and Adios! Clearly, it’s not that simple because all those channels are geo-restricted including Oxygen TV. People living in the US can only facilitate with the Oxygen TV and users living abroad will face multiple difficulties. It would be foolish to take a trip to the US just to access Oxygen TV.

There is a trick to travel the US without letting your parents know. It’s a secret. It’s a shield. It’s a fast VPN connection! You heard it right. A Virtual Private Network VPN is the only way users outside the US can watch Oxygen TV. The VPN will spoof your identity by changing your IP address. VPN has servers in a lot of countries through which a server in the US will be chosen and connected to. By having a different IP address, your real IP address will be masked, and all the traffic will be routed through the allotted US IP. That way US ISPs won’t be able to track your IP.

All of this sounds easy on paper, but in reality, it’s even easier. Check out this list of best VPNs and follow the instructions below.

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Now, that you have decided which VPN you would use to stream Oxygen TV shows, let’s quickly go through with the steps to install VPN on your desired device.

  1. Download the VPN from the mentioned list above
  2. Sign up on the app and configure it on your device
  3. Connect to the Desired VPN of the US
  4. Go to Oxygen TVs website or check out DIRECT TV, Sling and Hulu.

There you have it. Wasn’t this easier than the description we mentioned? Told you.

That’s All – Stream Oxygen TV Shows Now

There you have it. Time is moving towards having everything on the go. Users are cutting the cords and looking for solutions where they tight on their schedule to consume entertainment. That is where the need of Oxygen TV has raised, not just in the US but throughout the Globe.

Sadly many have no clue regarding the geo-restrictions that these streaming channels follow. All you require is a best VPN service, and you’ll be able to unblock any streaming channel, website no matter where you are.


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