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Streaming services are the best. They have made life so colorful for so many of us. However, there are months where we are so busy that we don’t find time to watch as much TV as we would like. The subscription money deducted during those months feel like an extra expense. Well, you should feel lucky as you live in this century where you have streaming sites of all kinds. Pay-per-view is the answer for all such folks as you only pay for the content you buy or rent. BigPond Movies is one such platform where you only spend when you watch a movie or TV show episode. Isn’t it amazing? We are certain that you have never heard of such thing before. Good thing is that today we are going to talk about the Telstra BigPond Movies pay-per-view model and why it is one of the most popular video service platform in Australia. Don’t worry! You can actually get access to BigPond Movies outside Australia also. So continue reading…

What Is BigPond Movies Service?

BigPond Service is a streaming site just like Netflix or Hulu. You will be surprised to know that BigPond Movies entered the market in 2006. It was Telstra’s answer to growing market for on-demand videos. The company realized that the future lies in the video streaming rather than video downloading. Of course, Netflix was the name that became synonymous with video streaming, but BigPond Movies remains a solid service provider in the field, particularly in Australia. Users can enjoy non-stop entertainment with BigPond Movies while sitting on the couch. From blockbuster movies, TV shows, sports, to music – Telstra BigPond Movies has answers to all the questions.

BigPond Movies Content Library

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BigPond Movies’ USP lies in the content library that’s filled with latest movie releases. Movies that come on Netflix at least after six months or a year of release are available on BigPond Movies way earlier. In addition, BigPond has a variety of TV series and shows. The content is refreshed every week with new movies, shows, documentaries, dramas, and children’s programs. So yeah, there is pretty much everything that you can watch on Telstra BigPond Movies.

BigPond Movies – Cost

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BigPond Movies has different costing method for movies and TV shows. As we know BigPond has the latest releases, they are priced differently. They are only available for purchase, not rent, with prices starting from $19.99 and $24.99 for Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) respectively. Slightly old movies are available for rent and purchase both. The rental cost is usually $5.99 and $6.99 for SD and HD respectively. The older movies are priced very reasonably on BigPond. You can purchase them for just $5.99 (SD) and $6.99 (HD) and rent them at $1.99 (SD) and $ 2.99 (HD).

Now coming to the TV shows, they can only be rented, not purchased. You can either buy an episode or the entire season. The per episode cost is $2.99 (SD) / $3.49 (HD). The entire season will cost you $22.99 – 24.99 (SD) and $44.99 – 49.99 (HD). If you buy the entire season of a show that’s being aired currently, you can get passage to the latest episodes as soon as they are released on BigPond Movies. It should be kept in mind that renting a movie or show means you have a 7-day limit to watch it and as soon as you play, the rental will expire in 48 hours.

Data Usage By BigPond Movies

BigPond Movies uses data as per your data plan using the adaptive bit-rate feature. In simple words, if your data connection is faster, then it will use more data and vice versa. Of course, the HD versions use more data than the SD ones. Telstra has given following guide for data usage. It should be kept in mind they have metered only 10 hours of streaming a week.

Video quality Typical data used Data used per week Data used per month
Typical Low definition 300MB per hour 3 GB 13.2 GB
Typical Standard definition 700MB per hour 7 GB 30.8 GB
Typical High definition 3GB per hour 30 GB 132 GB

Perks Of Being A Telstra And BigPond Movies User

BigPond Movies is associated with Telstra, but they are not correlated. However, if you are a Telstra and BigPond Movie user, then there are many benefits. Every Thursday, Telstra customers can watch a free rental movie out of three choices. The options change every week. The rental should be availed between 5.30 AM to 11.59 PM.

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Telstra home broadband customers can watch unmetered BigPond Movies as it will be not included in their monthly data plan. The Telstra users can merge their BigPond Movies account for a combined bill instead of charging their credit card every time they rent or buy any movie or TV show.

Why VPN Is Required With BigPond Movies

You require a Telstra ID to log in for BigPond Movies. Telstra is a known telecom provider in Australia. You cannot avail the service if you live abroad. Also, you cannot use the service if you are going to another country for a while. Yes, BigPond Movies is geo-restricted. You can enjoy it in Australia only. There is no way to watch it outside the Australian boundaries.

However, you can use a little trick to get around. The BigPond Movies reads your IP address and identifies your location. You can simply switch your IP address to that of Australia and access BigPond anywhere. That’s where the VPNs play their role. They can mask your original IP address with a fake one of your desired location and let you access any geo-restricted website including BigPond Movies.

We recommend following VPNs for BigPond Movies;

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You can also check our best VPN to use in Australia to see which service works best. If you are on tight budget, then consider checking cheap VPN services to mask your IP, and give yourself an Australian passport digitally.

Telstra BigPond Movies Is Worth Subscribing

Telstra BigPond Service is worth subscribing for people who love watching latest movies and selective TV shows. If you are an avid consumer then pay per view cost will not benefit you. However, if you enjoy occasional binge-watching sessions, then BigPond Movies is very economical. We suggest you subscribe to the service keeping in mind your own watching habits.

In terms of content and quality, Telstra BigPond Movies has won satisfactory remarks from our team and the general reviews we came across on the internet. Also, remember to subscribe to a VPN if you are moving to a new place for the short-term as BigPond Movies is geo-restricted.

Is there anything else you want to know about BigPond Movies? Let us know in the comments section below, and we will get back to you.


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