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Do you ever feel a tad homesick? Perhaps just a bit nostalgic for all the excellent TV programs or websites you loved back in your old country, but your current country of residence does not support them? Well, no need to worry that happens with all of us expats living abroad. As you’d have it, I know quite a bit about it myself, which is why I decided to provide an excellent and educated expat VPN reviews website.

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Greetings, fellow expats! Through divine intervention or blind luck, you’ve found the website you never knew you needed!

Hi, my name is Terry and I am a self-proclaimed expat VPN (or virtual private network) specialist and aficionado. This site reviewing expat VPN services is my gift to you. I have traveled and lived in such countries as the USA, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and many more to count. What is the one thing in common with all of those countries? Simple really, none of them are the UK. That means you can’t readily turn on Dave to watch some “quality” daytime TV or even log on your damn Facebook account in some cases.

There are days when all I really want is to avoid the scorching sun, gaggles of tourists and just watch some good old reruns of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. Don’t you? Of course, you do, why else would you still be reading this?

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From one expat to another.

Look no further, you found it. The single best resource for expats worldwide – my website, where I share my personal impressions and expat VPN reviews. The best part of all this? I do it myself! 44 years young and rolling with the best of them. Most if not all of what I know about expat VPN services is self-taught through tried and tested methods.

All that computer techy stuff can get out of hand quick, so don’t worry, you will not have to learn about private network protocols and all that peer routing nonsense. I pride myself on being a straight shooter, so I will always say it how I see it.

To begin, all you need is a pair of hands, 15 minutes of free time to set it up and there you go – ready to access the whole worldwide web from any place on earth. Anonymous, ungrounded and open internet access at your fingertips!

Why do I need a VPN?

Have you heard of the Great Wall of China? Of course, you have, but this is not the one where you took a vacation at that one year. No, I am talking about the digital wall of China. Having lived in China for 6 years, I can tell you firsthand, that web surfing there is limited at best. Facebook? Blocked. Gmail? Blocked. YouTube? You know it, blocked too. That list is seriously scary and every time I look back at it, It is a surprise I managed to stay sane in my first sheltered 2 years of living there before I was advised by a friend to check out VPN software. These expat VPN reviews are here for you only because I felt like a caged bird in a strange culture and needed a slice of home, even if it was the full collection of Red Dwarf that I binge-watched in two days.

Sure, that may be the worst-case scenario, being locked out of such high profile websites that billions of people in the western world use each day. There are less intrusive but just as annoying time-zone and region locking related issues that good expat VPN services can help with.

Have you ever received a link to a great YouTube video your friends really think you should see, only to be met with a “this content is not available in your region” warning? Content licensing in various countries can be a nightmare but I personally don’t feel like being punished for short-sighted digital content rules and regulations. World Wide Web should be just that – open and accessible from anywhere in the world. To set this wrong right again, I will help you find the best VPN for expats, no matter your location. What about your favorite movie and TV streaming service, surely those are built with traveling people in mind. Wrong! Not like we would want to enjoy quality TV and movies right?

That family Netflix package your kids are happily using while you are happily paying. You would think such a fantastic future embracing service would allow you to enjoy it wherever you go. Wrong again! Not only that, but depending on location, you may have access but not to the full library of amazing TV shows and movies. With the right VPN, you can always be in the USA, the country whose Netflix roster is almost twice as long as that of UK. This alone was the reason why I started using a VPN even when I’m back in the UK.

So what is the best VPN for expats?

If only it was that easy. Crown the king and be done with it, right?

Not quite, I’m afraid. There are hundreds of services that try to provide the best VPN for expats, and all of them while similar, are not made alike. What country are you in? What is the purpose of the VPN you wish to use? Do you wish to stream video or just access locally restricted websites? These and a few more questions must be taken into account when deciding on the best VPN for expats in your area.

Because there are so many people living in so many countries that limit internet access to your favorite digital content, this little project of mine was born. To provide expat VPN reviews and tools that will let you find the perfect VPN for your needs, price range, and location.

So although I can give my current favorite top 5 below, I would suggest reading the relevant country page just to double-check! Then with a little help from my reviews on expat VPN services, you will enjoy your online content in no time.

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A passionate writer with a love for technology, particularly cyber-security. His interest in this field led him to become involved with VPN and privacy blogs. With a cyber security certification in his background, Terry possesses valuable knowledge in the realm of online security. Alongside his writing, Terry also works as a Cyber Defense Analyst, utilizing his expertise to enhance digital security. For any inquiries or collaboration opportunities, you can contact Terry via email at terry@vpnveteran.com.

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