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Swedish VPN – Let’s travel to the land of the Vikings. According to the survey conducted by many different news-agencies and data-collecting organizations, Sweden is among the top ten most prosperous countries to live. It is one of the happiest lands with outstanding infrastructure. If you must know, Sweden is the 15th largest country in terms of internet users. 90.24% of the Sweden’s population use internet on a daily basis. But with all the ‘GOOD,’ there’s one ‘BAD’ side of the country, and it is the Swedish Data Retention Law.

In 2012 Swedish government implemented a law that required all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to record connection logs for at least six months. However, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) revoked that law in 2016. The Swedish Government is continuously trying to implement strict data retention laws to collect internet users’ data. Now, it is upon European Union directives to order implementing or not-implementing the ‘DATA RETENTION LAW’ in Sweden.

It is just the tip of the ICEBERG, the rest is under water. There are dozens of valid reasons why you need a Sweden VPN, but before moving forward to investigate more reasons, let’s have a quick look at our list of Top 5 Best Sweden VPNs.

The article was last updated on June 14, 2024

Quick Overview of the List of Best Swedish VPN

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Reasons Why You Need a Swedish VPN?

We have already explained about the data retention laws in Sweden, which is one of the biggest reasons that every internet user should use a VPN. There are plenty more to discuss. Let’s have a look to some of the most important one.

Copyright Infringement

Do you know ‘The Pirate Bay,’ one of the biggest Piracy and Torrent site, is originally Sweden based Network? Sweden is considered as the Hub of P2P file downloading. For the sake of its reputation, the Swedish government has been actively reinforcing laws, including the Data Retention Law, to collect data from ISPs regarding the Peer-2-Peer downloading activities of its users’. Although Data Retention Law has been ruled out in 2016 by ECJ, still ISPs are forced to record the users’ data and cooperate with agencies if needed.

Useful Tip # 1: Try not to be a victim of illegal crime in Sweden and use a Sweden VPN to hide your original IP completely.

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Protection Against Cybercrime

Isn’t it obvious with the 15th largest population on the internet, Sweden is one of the primary targets for Hackers and Spammers. If you frequently shop online, make payments using your online bank account, pay bills and share your credit information regularly then beware – HACKERS ARE COMING FOR YOU!!!

A Sweden VPN keeps your digital world safe by making it invisible to everyone including your ISP. A Swedish VPN encrypts all your data and route it through a secure tunnel so no one, not even the NSA itself can track your online activities and decode your information.

Useful Tip # 2: Share your valuable information with complete caution. You never know, when and where, a hacker traps you and steals from you.

Speed Throttling

The Swedish government is full-swing to battle against illegal torrenting and streaming, which is good, but in this act, a lot of innocent internet users who paid to avail the service get hurt due to slow speed and constant buffering. To discourage torrenting activities and privacy Swedish government force ISPs to throttle the speed for certain domain including the well-know on-demand streaming channel Netflix.

If I am a legit user of Netflix and paid $9 a month to stream movies and TV shows but couldn’t because of throttling then is it fair with me? No surely not! Avoid ISPs throttling in Sweden with Swedish VPN.

Useful Tip # 3: ISP throttles your speed by placing a bandwidth cap on your IP. If you replace your IP with one of Sweden VPN’s IP, you will not face any difficulty in watching movies and TV shows.

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Is VPN Legal in Sweden?

VPNs are completely legal in Sweden. Despite the constant effort, the Swedish government is failed to bound VPN providers to monitor and store users’ data. All data gathering responsibilities and copyright protection fall on ISPs. Therefore, if you are using a Swedish based VPN then don’t worry, your online activities are safe. And, if you are in Sweden and using a Swedish VPN to hide your online activities from your ISP, then you are doing NO WRONG!

End Thoughts

So far we have explained every aspect that reminds you to be safe and cautious while using the internet in Sweden. Don’t forget that the European Union is constantly trying to force new data retention laws on member states. It has set up a “Digital Single Market” directive that aims to unify all internet controls into its control.

If you don’t like to be monitored, spied or controlled, then fight back and use the greatest weapon of all – A VPN for Sweden.


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