5 Best VPN For Iran – Break Free From Online Rigidity

Iran has one of the most suppressed internet freedom situations in the world. The government is attacking you from all corners, be it social media, censorship, surveillance, or data retention. You are not safe. In fact, it is more than safety. You don’t have the freedom to access the content of your choice in Iran.

Of course, the plausible solution is Iran VPN. In case, you don’t know how the internet works, we would like to shed some light. Your internet connection has an IP address which can be used to trace you. In a country like Iran, you can be violating a ton of laws unknowingly and authorities can track you via an IP address.

A VPN Iran hides your IP address and gives you an alternate one which makes it impossible for anyone to track you – not even your ISP or government authority. This way you can anonymously visit any website or use any app without caring about the restrictions from the Iranian government.

The article was last updated on June 11, 2024

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Disturbing Reasons To Sign Up For An Iran VPN

We will be honest with you when we started our research work on Iran to find dirt in its internet paradigm, we were anticipating a lot and guess what, Iran didn’t disappoint us at any step. In fact, things are so much worst in the country that you are simply putting yourself in danger by not subscribing to an Iran VPN service provider.

Let us tell you our findings;

  • Data Retention Laws

Since 2009, all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are required by law to keep a record of the customer data for at least 3 months.

Interestingly, ISPs go through a strict routine of inspection from Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance before they can start operating in the country.

The government authorities have managed to block around five million websites in 2008 by controlling ISPs. We are sure the number must have doubled by now.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you that Iran VPN is the solution.

  • Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many others are blocked in Iran. Yes, you have read it right. We don’t know what an Iranian netizen do online if they don’t have access to social media. So if you want any form of social media, you must visit through VPN Iran.

  • VoIP Apps

Skype, Tango, Whatsapp and other VoIP apps are blocked in the country. There is absolutely no reason to buy a smartphone in Iran. What are you supposed to do with it? Count apps that are blocked by holier than thou government? That seems like a good option or you could spend a little on a decent Iranian VPN and maybe enjoy the perks of these free VoIP apps.

  • Censorship

Don’t even get us started on the censorship in Iran. The government authorities have the power to censor anything. A telecom once blocked the term “come to eat” in text messages due to its supposed sexual connotation. It was just an example to paint a picture of censorship in Iran. You can’t even text without being watched.

We are not done here. Let us tell you about the “Smart Internet Censorship”. It is a ploy to control the content on the internet. In simple word, Iran can not only block websites but also control content within a website. Indeed, very smart approach.

Now if you are also as smart as the Iranian government, you would get an Iran VPN ASAP.

  • Netflix and Other Video Streaming Services

Netflix is available in the world but not in Iran due to certain licensing issues. Although it is not a surprise for us, we never expected Netflix to be available in the country officially. And if Netflix is not available, what makes you think other video streaming services are?

Don’t be sad, you can still have your binge-watching sessions every day with a nice and sleek Netflix VPN for Iran.

  • Speed Throttling

It gets more interesting, we got bored after a while because Iran became too predictable but this trick really surprised us. In 2006, ISPs were ordered by authorities to slow internet speed to 128Kbps. Now that’s something, right.

We feel like now we are repeating ourselves here but seriously pick a VPN Iran already.

Iran’s Tortured Internet Arena That Asks For A VPN Iran

During our intense research process, we stumbled upon plenty of instances that cleared all the doubts in our minds about internet freedom in Iran. We would like to share it with you too;

The ICT budget in 2014-2015 was the highest indicating aggressive work on internet infrastructure and censorship tools.

  • Many news websites have been blocked in the country for publishing stories about corruptions or former political leaders who are not in favor of the current regime.
  • Iranian cartoonist Atena Farghadani was arrested in August 2014 for insulting state officials.
  • Government authorities intercepted 75% consumers who tried to connect to Tor, which is a tool to bypass censorship and surveillance.
  • Iran has imprisoned 8 Facebook activists with 127 years combined for openly expressing their view that happened to be against the status quo.
  • The Iranian model couple had to leave the country as they were chased by the morality police during ‘Spider II’ crackdown on glamor for posting inappropriate photos on Instagram.

You can learn a lesson from above-mentioned incidents and subscribe to a quality Iran VPN to save yourself from any such situation.

Is Free Iran VPN A Valid Option?

No, Free Iran VPN is nothing but a ploy to fool you. We have already discussed in detail what Iran is up to regarding controlling the internet. We know one thing for sure that the authorities want to own the internet landscape in Iran. Of course, they are aware of all free tools available to the Iranian netizens and tackling them is part of their grand plan. So Free Iran VPN is not a valid option.

However, we are going to mention one free Iran VPN for your satisfaction along with the features so you can see the difference.

Zpn – free Iran VPN

Zpn is a free Iran VPN that claims to protect your online privacy. It provides following features;

  • Only 10 GB monthly
  • 1 connection only
  • No traffic logging
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Limited 5 locations
  • P2P not allowed

The feature list is enough to tell that free Iran VPN is not a good idea. Anyway, you are the one with decision power here.

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Verdict – Taste The Freedom of Internet

The situation is so pathetic in Iran that most netizens have not even tasted the internet freedom. We dare you to use the internet with a genuine Iran VPN because we are sure once you know what’s missing in Iran’s online world, it will be hard to go back to your old digital prison.

We have already given you the best options. Now you have to make the final call of subscribing to a VPN Iran and breaking free from the suffocating online rigidity in Iran.


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