How to Watch TNT Live Online Without Cable For Free 2024

TNT is one of the most popular TV broadcasters in the US, that has everything for your entertainment needs. Be it the hit seasons like The Last Ship, The Librarians, Murder in the First, Legends, and Falling Skies, blockbuster movies like The Alienist, Animal Kingdom and many more; you say it, TNT has it. Even you can also watch NBA, NFL, PGA, and other major sports. But does TNT accessible Outside USA? Yes and no; I mean TNT is geo-restricted outside the US, some of the countries like Thailand Turkey, Spain, Scandinavia, and Germany, can access to their content, but with limited streaming.

So, don’t trouble yourself with limited content, just scroll down and stream the entire library in your beloved screens from anywhere. This guide will help you to guide how to watch TNT online without cable.

Why Is TNT Geoblocked?

Many channels in the US including TNT are restricted for the US viewers, or you can say as long as you’re in the US, you can watch and stream, otherwise you’re blacked out.

No matter you’re living outside the USA or an expat, you can’t access until and unless your IP address locates somewhere in the US. So, how about doing something to change our IP address rather than crying over the spilled milk. Let’s dive into the world of content with a VPN. Oh yes! With a VPN, you can watch TNT online for free. Continue reading our TNT streaming guide and discover ways to stream TNT without having a cable subscription.

How To Watch TNT From Anywhere?

TNT is a channel that every movie and sports lover would like to watch and stream in their respective screens, but geo-restrictions turned off avid users. So let’s shake hands with a VPN and travel the world with restrictions. A VPN hides your real IP address and assign you a non-traceable IP, based on the region you’re like to access the content from, this way anyone can watch region-based like US-only, content without physically being into that region. Furthermore, your web traffic also gets secure in an encrypted tunnel, that keeps your identity anonymous from prying eyes.

So, don’t waste your time finding sub-standard ways to bypass geo-restrictions and stop risking your identity to the vulnerable cyber world. Once you decide that you want a VPN to risk your online freedom, but which one to buy, is again the hectic job that frustrates you and you might stop the idea of a VPN. So, to ease your VPN decision-making, we have developed a list of best and reviewed VPN providers, that are reliable and worth giving a shot.

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Now click your well-suited VPN from the list and follow the simple procedure given below;

  • Download and install the VPN across your favorite screens
  • Wait! You will be notified soon
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Connect to the US VPN server or any other
  • Head directly to the and signup or sign in
  • Hurrah! Grab the popcorn and stream your favorite movie.

Want To Watch TNT On Kodi? Here You Go…

Kodi is the center of all the media available in the world; it’s a platform that has add-ons that cater to different streaming channels and different genres, so does TNT. PS Vue is the addon that deals with the TNT content; you can get the addon from the official Kodi addon repository. Let’s download the addon.

Before moving on to the steps, let me tell you that you need to subscribe to PS Vue, only for US citizen. Don’t worry, Kodi VPN is there to bypass the regional racism.

Get back to steps;

  • Launch Kodi and go to settings.
  • Find Add-ons.
  • Click on the ‘Package Installer’ icon.
  • Choose ‘Install from Repository’ then ‘Kodi Add-on Repository’ and then Video Add-ons.
  • Scroll down and find ‘PS Vue.’
  • Now click to Install.
  • Wait! PS Vue is downloading.
  • Now go back to the home screen and select the ‘Add-ons.’
  • You will find all the downloaded addon s here including PS Vue.
  • Click PS Vue.
  • Fill in your PS Vue credentials.

TNT is now in your PDA, stream anything you like.

TNT currently airs a mix of reality series and original drama, and mostly all the reruns of content that initially aired on the major networks. Now, you can watch all the Original programs including Major Crimes, The Librarians, Good Behavior, Animal Kingdom, The Last Ship, Will, and Claws. The channel’s overnight, daytime and Saturday morning schedule is loaded with reruns of current and former network police procedural series like; TNT mainstay Law & Order, Castle, Bones and while weekdays mostly focuses on sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural series such as, Supernatural and Charmed.

Watch TNT on Roku TV

Watching TNT live stream is a fun thing to do as it caters all the genres. Plus, TNT has its coverage on almost all the devices and consoles, making it highly compatible and easy to stream on all devices. If you own a Roku device and want TNT live stream on your Roku device, then we have all the good news for you. TNT sports is among the most viewed area, and streamers turn to Roku TV to watch NBA games live on TNT. To watch TNT live stream, you simply need to turn your Roku device on, and stream NBA games and all other sporting events live through Roku TV. If you want to combine the power of Roku and Kodi, then read our Kodi on Roku installation guide to make a super combo of the service.

TNT on Roku

Stream Entertainment via TNT App

Binge watchers and sports lovers are always on the go, but they never miss streaming their favorite content, right? TNT truly understands their audience, and to cater the desires of streaming lovers, watch TNT app is the answer to everything. The official app of TNT is available by the name of Watch TNT – which you can find on Google Play and App store. From on-demand content to live to stream, watch TNT app is designed to deliver all the content on mere clicks. In case you are traveling or can’t be home, the app will help you to watch TNT online no matter where you are – all you need is a working internet, and TNT live streaming is with you all the time.

Watch TNT App

Wrapping Up TNT Live Streaming Guide

Be it movies, music, sports or any other form of entertainment, we humans need it to pass our leisure time or enhance our passion. So, why not watch something we love to watch, use a fastest VPN and forget the regional restrictions and enjoy global content on your favorite screen.

Don’t forget to share your favorite TNT content and forget being discriminated.


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