5 Best Popcorn Time VPNs to Use in 2024

Popcorn Time is the most amazing thing happened to movie buffs (TV fanatics too). Think about it, every TV show or movie is available on a single site for free. It does sound like wishful thinking or awfully unrealistic dream but it is true. Popcorn Time is a website that has it all and it is willing to share with everybody.

Of course, such a website would be hated tremendously by copyrights enforcers. So, as expected, Popcorn Time is a hot target for different copyrights agencies. Fortunately, the company is still surviving but it had to shut down its operations a couple of times in the past. Anyway, as a user, you are supposed to use a Popcorn Time VPN to keep your tracks hidden. It is pretty obvious. You may get into serious trouble with authorities in your particular country so this secret needs to stay under wraps. In this article, we’ll cover important details related to Popcorn Time, its legalities, and how to safely and privately watch movies and TV shows on Popcorn Time with a VPN.

The article was last updated on July 15, 2024

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What Is Popcorn Time?

The front-end working of Popcorn Time is so simple and easy that you may consider it an alternative to Netflix. However, there are a couple of things going on in the back-end. In technical terms, Popcorn Time is a multi-platform open source BitTorrent client as well as a media player. It downloads and streams the media file in real time.

The platform usually has the latest movies and TV shows. You can search the content library by using the search bar. When you find a title you want to watch, simply click on it and you are good to go. The streaming is smooth, although after knowing the process you may expect a lot of buffering but that’s not the case.

Is Popcorn Time Safe And Legal?

We are not going to sugarcoat reality. Popcorn Time is not safe. First of all, you are viewing pirated content. God forbid, if you are watching any movie or TV show on Popcorn Time without VPN then your personal information is at risk. It is extremely important to watch Popcorn Time anonymously.

The legal status depends on the law of the particular country. The internet laws of the country dictate what’s legal or illegal. Popcorn Time basically uses BitTorrent, which is not illegal in many countries. However, watching pirated movies and TV shows is illegal in most part of the world. So it is a twisted concept and can only be clarified in the light of your country’s internet laws.

Note: It is a good time to declare that VPNveteran.com is in no way suggesting or encouraging copyrights violation. We do encourage our readers to be aware of the internet laws in their respective countries.

Do I Need A VPN For Popcorn Time

We need to be blunt here. Yes, you absolutely need a VPN for Popcorn Time. We are even willing to say don’t use Popcorn Time without VPN. There are a couple of risky elements involved. Popcorn Time is kind of torrenting but you are not downloading a file, rather streaming it. Also, the content that you choose to watch on Popcorn Time is copyrighted. And yes, the use of VPN is a must to ensure your privacy at all levels.

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can easily find you online using your IP address. You are traceable, which surely seems horrible. Imagine, receiving a legal notice for watching your favorite movie on Popcorn Time. You wouldn’t like that, would you? So get yourself a solid VPN for Popcorn Time and always stay under the invisibility cloak.

Repercussions Of Using Popcorn Time Without VPN

Popcorn Time is not Kodi or Netflix where you are not losing much if you don’t get a VPN. It is a different field altogether. The threat and risks are too real to ignore. Come on guys, you are using a service that’s borderline illegal so you are bound to expect a couple of repercussions. There are many side effects of using Popcorn Time without VPN. We are going to mention only top two here;

Threats Of Legal Action That May Lead To Cash Settlements

Let’s suppose you were using Popcorn Time without VPN and you got caught. Chances are you may receive a warning from your ISP. However, there is an alarming increase in the blackmail by copyrights trolls. These are legal firms, representing copyrights holders, that threaten the victims with legal action and demands cash settlements. The settlements may go up to thousands of dollars.

In case you are ever stuck in this situation, you must seek guidance from UK government or The Speculative Invoicing Handbook by TorrentFreak. These documents are relevant to UK population only. However, you can still get a lot of information about the issue even when you are in another country.

Popcorn Time Is A Honeypot

Beware! This might sound too farfetched but bear with us for a while. So the rumor has it that Popcorn Time is actually a conspiracy by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to lure in the copyrights infringers and let copyrights trolls torture them with obnoxious cash settlement demands.

Now, it is a rumor and we found no evidence or proof to confirm its authenticity. But if you think about it, the honeypot theory makes sense. At least, it is enough to keep you alert or on your toes. Honestly, conspiracies like honeypot about Popcorn Time gives you more reason to stay safe with the help of Popcorn Time VPN.

Popcorn Time Not Working – What’s the Deal?

We briefly mentioned in the beginning that Popcorn Time has been shut down a couple of times. Can you blame the people who did it? Of course not, so many people are getting the free goodness, which happens to be illegal. So the authorities won a few times and forced the website to shut down.

However, Popcorn Time has vowed to go take care of the situation. The website will stay active 24/7, 365. Also, if you are facing any issues with the Popcorn Time, simply restart the website or reinstall the app and everything will jump back to normal after the reinstallation, that’s for sure.

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VPN Popcorn Time Saves Your  A**

We cannot be the people to throw judgments at others for watching programs on Popcorn Time VPN. However, you must do it in the right way. Popcorn Time is a real gift for all the streamers out there. It lets you watch your most favorite type of entertainment for free. What else do you want?

Popcorn Time VPN provides the security required in such kind of activity. Only a fool would become addicted to Popcorn Time without the protection of a VPN. There is no harm in watching Popcorn Time as long as you are protected with a strong, impenetrable layer of Popcorn Time VPN. We can go on and on about the importance of VPN Popcorn Time forever but the truth is, the real power lies in your hands. Ultimately, you are the boss in this case and can sign off on the agreement to buy a VPN for Popcorn Time. It is a heavy responsibility so think wisely, boss.

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