Here are the top VPN companies of 2021 – reviewed

Choosing a good VPN has been getting quite difficult recently. With hundreds of providers on the market, it gets overwhelming trying to figure out which would provide the best services for you. We’re here to take that load off your shoulders and hopefully help you reach a decision on that matter. Being a VPN user myself, I was able to try a ton of different providers and narrowed it down to only the best of the best top VPN services.

Top VPN Services

I myself am a huge believer in good VPN software. Having used them for years and was able to test tons of different providers. I tried everything from the free, low-end ones to the best high-end companies. Because of this, I’ve been conditioned to choose only the best for my top VPN services list.

I made sure to use them all for different purposes: work, movies, shopping, entertainment, etc. So, from my many years of subscribing to them, I am finally able to put my experience to good use. I am here to help you make a decision about which ones would be attested to give you the best service.

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You can use any of them from the list but I recommend the one that took the first spot: ExpressVPN. It is by far the BEST provider I have ever tried. It exceeded all my expectations and criteria for judging so easily. I mean, it didn’t place first in the top VPN services list for no reason.

Filtering the Top VPN Services

Before you came to this site, you probably already had a look-see of the different top VPN companies. The whole reason why you’re here is to get some advice from certified insiders.

Don’t worry, I know how confused and lost you must feel because I was once in your shoes too. You probably got reeled into the ones that seem the cheapest, if not, already picked the top free VPN of your choice.

I hate to break it to you, but no good VPN is free – most especially not any of the ones I’m about to recommend. It doesn’t sound appealing having to pay a monthly plan for something you think you’d barely use. But what if I told you that you’ll be using it almost all the time?

If you’re still a beginner, then there’s still so much more to a top VPN for PC that meets the eye. But don’t worry, you don’t need to decide on anything just yet.

VPN Crash Course

If you don’t know the first thing about a VPN, allow me to just breeze you right through the basics.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. From the name itself, it majors on giving you privacy by establishing your own personal network connection. With this, you’re essentially safe from almost all threats and snoopers lurking on the web.

Although IP manipulation sounds shady, it’s actually perfectly legal. There is nothing dangerous or secretive about any of the top VPN companies. It doesn’t store any of your computer traffic or your identity so rest-assured, you’re in good hands.

But if what you’re scared about is the installment process, it’s really nothing to be afraid of. Everything from purchase, installment, to launching is really easy. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get a top VPN for PC.

How to choose a good VPN?

What you need to understand first is that most top VPN companies provide more or less, the same services. Some have similar security features, policy, and even price. But don’t be so set in choosing your top free VPN services just yet. Because what differentiates them is their “specialty”. Some VPN’s focus on privacy while others lean toward internet speed. What I’m trying to cover here is which ones are what I consider all-rounders. I’m taking all aspects into account and ranking it according to which give you the most out of your subscription.

Like I said earlier, all top VPN services have different aspects of what makes them a good, reliable provider. I’ll go through all the basics and give you everything you need to know about how I ranked the top VPN companies.

1. Security and Privacy

This is the main priority of almost all top VPN services in the market. You’ll notice that they all promote the tightest security which would ensure your anonymity and the safety of your personal information.

As you may have known already, every user connected to the internet has a unique IP address exclusive only to them. When you browse the internet casually, anyone is capable of tracking your IP address down and exposing your identity.

One of the main functions of a top VPN for PC is to hide your real IP address and give you a virtual one. This means that it’s helping you hide and trick any snoopers into thinking you’re somewhere else when you’re really not. This process is actually a double blade that can both maintain your privacy and give you geo-restricted access at the same time – but we’ll get to that later.

Another security feature that most top VPN services have is their “no-log” policy. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it essentially means that it doesn’t log or store any of your traffic content. On regular internet usage, your history, IP address and even some of your personal information is logged and can eventually be traced back to you. But when you get one of the top VPN services which offer strong encryption, you can completely hide all your activities from prying eyes.

One of the most critical pieces of security in the VPN world is called a kill switch. A kill switch’s main function is to shut off your internet connection whenever your VPN server gets disrupted. Once your VPN connection is interrupted, there’s nothing encrypting your data anymore which makes your information accessible to third-parties once again. The kill switch is what ensures that this doesn’t happen because once it detects a compromised server, it closes down all open applications to keep your information from being made public.

If you still have no clue about how to tell which VPNs have these security features, I made sure to recommend the top VPN services that have them.

2. Speed

When it comes to speed, the number of servers play a huge role. If you choose a VPN company with a small number of servers, the tendency is, it becomes overloaded with users.

This has the same principle as WiFi. Take this, for example, you live with 10 people in your house and you all share 1 WiFi router. You already know that once everyone starts using the internet at the same time, the connection gets painfully slow.

Most of the top VPN services have thousands of server locations all around the globe. This doesn’t just give you speed, but a good number of options as well. With such a large number of VPN servers, you’re free to choose from more than just 1 in each country.

With any of the top VPN companies, not only is your download speed unparalleled, but you can also relax without having to worry about buffering videos and gaming problems.

3. Top free VPN?

While there are free VPN offers out there, the service you get is not the best compared to when you actually pay monthly to avail of the full experience. There’s a ton of ads and a very limited data cap.  Free users always wind up getting a proper subscription just because there are so many gaps in what a free service can provide. But just in case you do consider it, I also tried and ranked the top free VPN’s to see which ones seemed the most worthy. Either way, it’s completely up to you whether you want to take the risk or not.

But paying for any of the top VPN services doesn’t seem as bank-breaking as you think. Each of the top VPN for PC companies offers different month and year plans that range from 1 month to 3 years with prices from $12 to $6. The bigger your commitment, the lesser you pay.

However, if you have a fear of commitment, most of them also have an option of trying it out for free – at a limited time of course. And after this trial period, if you’re still unsatisfied with what they provide, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. And they don’t have the boldness to do so for no reason. They have this offer because they know you will completely fall in love with their service and subscribe full time. After all, they aren’t considered the top VPN for PC for no reason.

It all comes down to which payment scheme you agree with the most. So keep this in mind if you’re still considering looking for the top free VPN.

4. Multiple devices

It’s already undeniable that getting a VPN for your desktop or laptop is what you’re planning to do. But as you keep using it over time, you wish you could have it on your mobile devices too so you can take it everywhere you go.

But what if I told you that you can use the top VPN for PC simultaneously on a number of devices?

Some providers offer this feature using 3 to 7 devices. But this doesn’t only benefit you form when you want to use different equipment. This comes into play when you and your family are arguing about whose turn it is to watch that Netflix show they’ve been binging. Using one of the top VPN companies, you can all watch your favorite movies at peace.

However, this feature isn’t available in what some consider the “top free VPN”. This is a  difficult feature to come by which is why it should be paid for.

Almost all the providers, on the top VPN services, allow you to use their app on different mobile devices at the same time. Some even enable you to use it on your gaming console. This makes it extremely convenient for you whenever you want to quickly switch between your gears.

5. Easy to Use

None of the providers would have taken a spot on the top VPN services rankings if it wasn’t easy to use. None of the top free VPN’s could ever hope to compete in this category.

Since not all the subscribers are keen to be tech-savvy, the top VPN services made sure to create an interface that’s easy to navigate.

For this particular criteria, I recommend the first pick on the top VPN services list: ExpressVPN. Its interface is really deserving of the title: top VPN for PC and mobile. The features and controls on this one are all pretty straightforward so it’s perfect for both beginners and experts alike.

6. Unblock geo-restricted sites

VPN’s are famously used to access websites and apps that would be otherwise unavailable in your region.

The VPN was originally created for workers who wanted to access company files away from work. Since they weren’t at the office all the time, they still wanted a way to be able to work on them from the comforts of home.

This is because the top VPN services are able to use IP address manipulation to bypass blocked sites. The sites only grant access to a certain type of address. So, the software hides your real IP address and gives you one that could be used to open the site.

As I was saying earlier, this double-blade feature of the top VPN companies does more than just keep you safe. You can use it to access your Netflix account using the US server to get the full movie library, or you could use it to get to your work files and have it done at home.

The location of your server differs from what you’re trying to access. Simply browsing the web and social media would connect you to a local server. Trying to stream movies or games, however, makes you choose a server in the region of the subject.

The top VPN services also come in pretty handy when visiting countries like China and North Korea. In these countries, they ban a lot of sites that we normally use on a daily basis. They block Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even Google. With this service, you can easily access your accounts and go about your day like any other.

However, some of the top free VPN’s can’t even access servers in certain countries which makes it quite useless. So keep this in mind if you’re still considering it.

The top VPN companies can access literally any site you could think of. If that doesn’t seem worth it, then I don’t know what does.

7. Customer Support

A legitimate VPN company would, of course, need to have customer support.

While using this software, problems almost never happen. But when it does, it gets fixed right away because of their quick response rate.

I myself ran into a couple of minor issues while I was using it. I was able to contact them very easily and then they gave me really simple instructions on how to fix it myself. Sometimes there wouldn’t even be a real problem, I was just being clueless. But their staff is more than happy to cater to your every need.

Only the top VPN for PC would have outstanding customer support. Some of them have 24-hour chat support, and some have call centers. Rest assured that after contacting them, your problems would disappear.


Now you know everything there is to know about choosing a good VPN. You can pick whichever suits your liking from my top VPN companies listed above. Just remember that a subscription is a very small price to pay for a service that is guaranteed to only provide benefits.

You should always put your safety first in everything that you do. Don’t risk searching for the top free VPN because it might not be worth it. Just stick to my recommended list and you should be fine.

That’s it for now. If you’re starting to get interested in the VPN world, we post a lot more about it than just top VPN for PC and mobile devices. Have a look around and see what else VPN’s are good for. Remember that what you expect is not always what comes about.

I hope you got something from this article. Surely you were able to come to a decision by now, maybe with ExpressVPN. May your VPN experience be nothing but smooth sailing.

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